We are women with families we would die for… seriously.

Rosebud was born out of our love for makeup and lingerie, and all things girly…and our often frustrating search for such things girly in our nook of the globe. Basically, we got tired of having to cross oceans to find the good stuff, so we are bringing it home. Hallelujah!

We like fragrances. And we love makeup, and jewelry. We like to make friends, and we love a good deal.

We are women with jobs we sometimes love, and sometimes hate… ha ha. We feel privileged to be in positions where we can give, and be involved in community service. We like it when our men bring us flowers for no particular reason. We like to give ourselves little treats every once in a while. After all, life is for the living!

And we absolutely love to pause, catch our breath and smell the roses…