Menu of Parties

Pick your choice of our themed Menu of Parties below. And get ready for the most wonderful time you can imagine! Our consultants will take care of the details so you and your friends can discover our luxurious, quality skin care and lingerie products for a more radiant, stylish, and sexy you. Choose the party theme that most fits your personality and set a date. Once you email us your selected theme and party date, you will then receive FREE* and discounted products with a qualifying party. WHICH PARTY IS YOU?

Girls’ Night In

Gather the girls and catch up on all the latest gist… Plus, don’t forget the chocolate mousse!

Girls Night In 

Hello, Cupcake

Make it a family affair. Bring your kids along for a cupcake play date while you and your friends get totally pampered. Sweet, for both Mom and kids!

Hello Cupcake 

Totally Rosebud!

We believe that life is for the living…and we absolutely love to pause and smell the roses! Invite your friends to come relax with some suya and a glass of wine!

Totally Rosebud 

Hello, Nollywood!

Make it a Nollywood date with the girls! Make a quick snack, or order in delicious restaurant favourites… kick off the heels and let laughter ring!

Hello Nollywood 

Party for Charity

Gather friends and family to learn about many simple ways they can help their community!

Party for Charity 

Relax & Pamper

Indulge in lazy conversation and a smoothie with your friends, family and colleagues, make it an afternoon or evening of easy, relaxed pampering…

Relax & Pamper 


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