Is there Really Any Such Thing as Flawless Skin…?

flawless-skinYou probably have been told sometime in the past to drink lots of water if you want flawless skin. Great advice, our experts at Rosebud agree. Drinking enough water to stay hydrated is important as it will help keep your skin moisturized, but it is not a magic wand, and should be part of a daily skin care regimen.

It is important to understand your skin type and to avoid harsh scrubs and cleansers that can strip your skin of its natural oils. Look for products with a natural plant based source, such as our Angel Minaro line of products, as these products are gentler on the skin. Look for pH balanced cleansers, especially in cleansers that contain ingredients like glycolic and lactic acids, and even in exfoliators. Our nourishing cleansers and lotions provide excellent all day hydration.

Besides hydration, you want to also keep protection in mind when you select your body lotion…

More to come!