The Language of Lingerie…

language-of-lingerieWhether you choose to call it lingerie, intimate wear, undergarments, or chemise, that teeny slip of fabric that you slip on right next to your skin can speak volumes about your mood…and your personality!

From lacy to plain, grandma briefs to the sheerest panties, here are some clues, courtesy of Agnes Gajewska of Sheknows .com, on what your choice of lingerie colour can tell us.

  • Black: sexy, sensual and mature
  • Red: passionate, romantic and sassy
  • Purple: sensual and seductive
  • Pink and white: delicate, flirty, innocent and (sometimes) practical
  • Nudes and skin colours: practical and confident
  • Bright colours and loud patterns: mischievous, playful and cute.
  • Floral print: delicate, pretty, feminine.
  • Animal print: provocative, quirky, easygoing but sexual.