What Can Bath Oils Do for Your Skin…?

what-can-bath-oils-doFor one, moisturizing bath oils can bring relief to dry skin!

Most bubble baths will strip your skin of its natural oils. Try a relaxing bath oil instead. Using a bath oil such as our Tahitian Vanilla Infused bath oil will leave your skin moisturized and hydrated.

It is important to find a bath or body oil that will penetrate the skin rather than just sit on your skin. Use approximately one to two teaspoons in comfortably warm (not hot) water.

Besides their moisturizing properties, bath oils help relieve stress as well as help relieve sinus problems. The key is to study your bath oils and pick the right bath oil that is most suited to your particular needs.

Tip: Apply body oil to skin immediately after toweling dry, while skin is still slight damp…